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solutions and expertise in power improvement, energy systems, ventilation control, environmental control, solar energy systems, cement manufacturing plants to customers requirements.


distribution system consists of substation, MV feeders, transformers, rods & conductors, LV power cables. according to types of construction for overhead distribution system and underground distribution system.
Also telecom cables and cabling systems for various purpose and special cables


mechanical ventilation commercial & industrial, combat condensation, demand control, energy related, air design air handling & energy recovery, indoor air quality, agricultural & food processing. ventilation fans, grille & diffusers, dampers, fire & smoke damper, VAV, fire duct, wind turbine ventilators



protect critical facilities even for big bad voltage events with automatic voltage regulators as stabilizers, utilizing voltage optimization units for energy saving, uninterruptible power supply systems, line conditioning and isolating transformers protection. energy storage systems as independent source.

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PrudentAire - motorized fire damper_edit
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offer a full range of consultancy and project management services for the cement industry. With a team that includes experienced engineers, geologists, chemists, as well as technical and financial experts, we can offer consultancy and management to cover all phases of a cement project from pre-feasibility through to commissioning and operational training.

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offer a complete solar consultancy services to support your solar project from inception to delivery. we work with you on post planning feasibility studies, project management, design of solar monitoring systems, civil works planning, electrical grid connection, installations and many more. We will be happy to act as your technical advisory team for your solar project



switchgears are required at all switching points of an electrical network. the ratings of the devices at each stage depend on the voltage levels at that point. other than in distribution and transmission networks, the switchgears are used in residential, commercial, industrial circuits.
They are classified according to the voltage levels involved in the circuit of application.

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